Moon pisces compatibility

Pisces may sometimes long for more empathy, affection, and softness from Capricorn. Your emotional rhythms and temperaments are rather different. Aquarius, on the other hand, needs involvement in the world and enjoys being in the flow of contemporary life. More significantly, Pisces is very sensitive emotionally and psychically, and is a deeply feeling person, while Aquarius responds more rationally and intellectually to people and situations. Aquarius has strong humanitarian or idealistic impulses, but frequently lacks empathy in personal situations, whereas Pisces is so tender-hearted that others sometimes take advantage.

Aquarius is too cool, emotionally detached, and mental to suit Pisces sometimes. Also, Pisces is highly intuitive, whereas Aquarius needs scientific evidence or support of the things that Pisces takes on faith.

However, Aquarius can also help Pisces get some distance and clarity about the emotional situations that Pisces gets so immersed in. You are very sympathetic toward one another and may have an unusually close emotional or psychic tie. You need to avoid negative or abrasive people, for you quickly absorb those feelings and are adversely affected by them. Escaping into solitude, fantasy and imagination or more negatively, drinking or drug use may be a habit with both of you.

Both of you are very compassionate and giving, sometimes unwisely and indiscriminately so. Others can take advantage of your tenderheartedness. You may try to rescue someone from a bad situation or a bad habit, only to find yourself victimized or a martyr to the cause. You may try to do too much for everyone else, and end up completely drained.

The calming effect of living near a lake or ocean suit both of you well. Music is also a shared love of yours. Magenta Pink is Hot — Your Moon signs are trine. Your individual emotional dispositions are similar enough to understand, and different enough to be exciting. Your relationship is very intense.


Light Purple is Harmonious — Your Moon signs are sextile. Pink is Opposites Attract! You find each other fascinating, frustrating, and intriguing—all at the same time! Beige is Huh? Your relationship requires some adjustments. Olive is Paradox — Your signs are inconjunct. Green is Clash — Your signs are square. Find out how to determine your Moon sign here. Interested in learning more about Synastry, the astrology of relationships? Visit our Synastry page.

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Cafe Astrology Home. One of the dangers with this relationship is that Pisces Moon becomes too dependent on Capricorn Moon. Pisces Moon is completely and totally capable of being independent. It simply has to try. If Capricorn Moon encourages independence, then Pisces Moon tries it sooner.

In the end, however, Capricorn Moon may be the more dependent one, in that Pisces Moon may be the one thing that keeps it going when the chips are down. Capricorn Moon is an earthy sign that likes sex because it's a full and complete indulgence in sensual pleasures.

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Pisces Moon likes sex because it allows it to share the most intimate moment two people can physically have. Pisces Moon wants to have sex like the sex in romance novels or romance films. It wants it meet it's most wild ideas about what sex should be and how it should be performed. Capricorn Moon, on the other hand, wants to explore everything, and it has some serious kinks.

Sex has to have some element of naughtiness to it. It must feel as if it's breaking a rule in order to become turned on. Pisces Moon, however, is game for whatever will make Capricorn Moon happy. And it may discover that it kind of likes doing some weird things. They both like keeping things a secret, and they actually take delight in making sure that no one knows they have sex.

No one sees them, no one hears them, no one sees anything sexy in their home, and no one hears the two of them talk about it. Their sexual world is their secret. And it may be best that way because it probably deals with some things that could make your mother blush. Whatever you can imagine, they have at least toyed with the idea so long as no one else knows.

Dress up may actually be a big part of this relationship, either in wearing sexy lingerie to bed, or full on dressing up and role-playing. If there's a doctor's lab coat in their closet, and neither one is a doctor, pretend you didn't see anything, and try not to think about it. Well, you're going to anyway, and you just did.

Moon sign compatibility - Pisces with Pisces (Zodiac Sign)

But you were warned, weren't you? In the end, in his life, there is a great idealism and romanticism in this human that simply impresses others, but the positive, gentle character is hidden. So, who can be the person who is able to connect with the one that has Sun and Moon located in Libra and Pisces sign? The one that can accept that he is the one that needs to have a space for himself, the peace he needs to make important decisions.

But this is also a person who has an extreme fear of loneliness, desolation, illness, and may also show occasional phobias, unnecessary dramatic conditions — he needs a lover who can deal with such states of mind. The best case scenario is when someone approaches him in spontaneous situations — he does not like that someone hurries him or setting him conditions, forbids him something, but he respects the rules and fair relationship especially in relation to the family and the environment. The perfect lover could be the representative of the Taurus sign — he is the one that will provide him with the necessary balance and firmness and enough passion for making things interesting.

Maybe he is not so romantic as this person would want him to be, but he can try really hard to make that relationship lasts. When it comes to the friendship area of life, in his case, in many cases, this human being can be an important mediator that helps people to understand themselves and the general experience. He is the best friend that people will ever have — and in other to achieve all this, it should not be left to its internal conflicts, because he loses the ability to live a full life and experience.

The problem in his life in this sense is that he can never expect his friends to give him the same thing that he gives them in friendships. He should not feel hurt, in interpersonal relations there cannot be total equality, but we feel like he does not mind such ties. He needs friends who will create with him a friendly formation, and where this person could open up and show how balanced and a mature person he is, and also the one who is aware of his flaws and virtues. He is gifted with a sophisticated knowledge of others and subtle intelligence; he is sensitive to everything around him and can give people what they need.

This is the person who always works under the influence of his senses, and this attitude often prevents him from getting full recognition of all his strengths.