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Practical applications included using observations of celestial bodies to tell time, to make calendars and to navigate at sea. A major practical application of astronomical knowledge was making predictions about the course of human affairs by observing and by calculating the positions of the celestial bodies.

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The idea that the sun, moon, stars, and planets exert an influence on the live of people on earth emerged very early in the development of Greek philosophy. Note that astrology is part of Greek natural philosophy. It is not part of Greek religion. Although the planets were named after gods and goddesses, they were not themselves gods and goddesses. They were natural objects, not supernatural beings, and their influence on human life was purely natural.

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The ancient Greeks and medieval and early modern people saw compelling empirical evidence for celestial influences. The changes in the seasons were clearly related to the movement of the sun around the earth. The tides were related to the motions of the moon. Of course, the Greeks were correct in both these observations, although we today would explain these phenomena very differently. Further, the Greeks believed the cosmos was an orderly whole, with each part interconnected.

Thus the heavens were connected to the earth, although they were separate realms. Many Christians in medieval and early modern Europe believed that God had created the entire cosmos for the use and benefit of human beings. They found it eminently plausible that the Divine Creator would have arranged the heavens in such a way that they influenced human life.

Not all Christians believed this, as we shall see.

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Each planet, the sun and the moon had a specific kind of influence on a human life, and this influence was strengthened or weakened depending on where in the zodiac it was. The heavenly bodies could also have effects on very large groups of people. Rare and striking configurations of the planets, sun and moon could cause great disasters like war, famine, and epidemic disease.

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For example, many astrologers explained the outbreak of plague in the first outbreak in Europe as the result of the conjunction of Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter on March 20, Two is unusual; three is really quite extraordinary. Conjunction of moon, Venus and Jupiter at Paranal Observatory.

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Wikimedia Commons. The position of the sun, moon and planets could also determine what days were good or bad to travel, conduct business, get married, etc. In the Almagest Ptolemy offered mathematical models that allowed him and his readers accurately to predict the motions of the sun, moon and planets. Resist all tendencies towards superstition, moodiness, and melodramatic descents into hell. One thing you can do to help accomplish this brave uprising is to sing beloved songs with maximum feeling.

LEO July Aug. By tapping into the uncanny powers of 55 and 88, you can escape the temptation of a hexed fiction and break the spell of a mediocre addiction. These catalytic codes could wake you up to a useful secret you've been blind to. They might help you catch the attention of familiar strangers or shrink one of your dangerous angers. When you call on 55 or 88 for inspiration, you may be motivated to seek a more dynamic accomplishment beyond your comfortable success.

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You could reactivate an important desire that has been dormant. What is the higher purpose that lies beneath every one of your daily activities? What is the heroic identity you were born to create but have not yet fully embodied? You may not be close to knowing the answers to those questions right now, Virgo. In fact, I'm guessing your fear of meaninglessness might be at a peak.

Luckily, a big bolt of meaningfulness is right around the corner. Be alert for it.

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In a metaphorical sense, it will arrive from the depths. It will strengthen your center of gravity as it reveals lucid answers to the questions I posed in the beginning of this horoscope. We all need guides and instructors and sources of inspiration from the day we're born until the day we die. In a perfect world, each of us would always have a personal mentor who'd help us fill the gaps in our learning and keep us focused on the potentials that are crying out to be nurtured in us.

But since most of us don't have that personal mentor, we have to fend for ourselves. We've got to be proactive as we push on to the next educational frontier. The next four weeks will be an excellent time for you to do just that, Libra. If you don't stop fending off the happiness and freedom that are trying to worm their way into your life, I'm going to lose my cool.

Damn it! Why can't you just accept good luck and sweet strokes of fate at face value?! Why do you have to be so suspicious and mistrustful?! Listen to me: The abundance that's lurking in your vicinity is not the set-up for a cruel cosmic joke. It's not some wicked game designed to raise your expectations and then dash them to pieces. Please, Scorpio, give in and let the good times wash over you. Cultivate an exaggerated respect for the status quo. Spend an inordinate amount of time watching dumb TV shows while eating junk food.

I lied! Ignore everything I just said! Tell secrets to animals and trees. Swim and dance and meditate naked. Experiment with the way you kiss.

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Create a blessing that surprises you and everyone else. Sing new love songs. Ask yourself unexpected questions, then answer them with unruly truths that have medicinal effects. The coming weeks will be an excellent time to find out why — and make the necessary adjustments.

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A good way to begin would be to burrow back into your old stories and unearth the half-truths buried there. You may not have time to write a new memoir right now, but it might be healing to spend a couple of hours drawing up a revised outline of your important turning points. But I bet that if you read this dense, multi-layered text in the coming weeks, you would do better than me and Tennyson. Please note: I suggest you use your extra intelligence for more practical purposes than decoding obtuse texts.

For your first assignment, make a list of the valuable qualities you have to offer the world, and write a short essay about why the world should abundantly reward you for them.